About Us

“Make a space for people who like to play games”

It was Z6GAME’s goal when it started. We don’t want to have the most visitors or be the fastest site. We want to be a very private place where everyone is welcome and there are lots of interesting things to read.

Do you believe it? We, a group of young people with a lot of passion and drive, started with the number zero and built this website from there. And we’ve spent a lot of time and money building a playground for you and for ourselves.

Just for fun

Fun is the main goal of Z6game, so all of the articles on the website are always funny and fun. If you see any negative articles or content while reading, please let us know. We want to read all of your comments and suggestions so that your voices will be heard.

Creative, easy, and aware

The interface shows that Z6game is easy to use. We want to get you the best information as soon as possible, so we always try to:

  • The information must be true.
  • Content gets right to the problem and isn’t all over the place.
  • Centralize the way the content is presented and improve it.
  • Speed is the most important thing.

Always make room for new people

Since the beginning, there have been between 4 and 5 people on the Z6game Team. We know that it takes more than just us to make an open and private space, so Z6game is always looking for help from the community. Z6game is always looking for people who love writing and games to help it grow. With Z6game, you’ll also have your own space and be free to show who you are in the way that makes you feel the most at ease. You will never have to write an order in a standard way or with a standard structure.

We want you to be yourself at all times.

Just the start

From now on, we know that running and building a website is hard. Still, this is just the start. We hope this road will be a little bit rough (though we don’t know much about it), but we hope that every compliment, encouragement, or simply comment, like “Your interface is pretty,” will give us enough energy to keep going.

Hey! Is it tiring to read from the beginning to the end?