Gardenscapes How To Get Cups?

There are many ways to get cups in Gardenscapes, and this one is the easiest yet most effective way to do it.

The Golden Cup is a limited-time event that only happens at certain points in the game. When the Tournament is over, new levels will be added to the game’s main chain of levels. After you beat them, you can join the next Golden Cup, where everyone’s number of gold cups starts over.

Players advance up the leaderboard by completing unique stages and collecting gold cups. You receive one cup for completing one level. The earlier you join The Golden Cup, the higher your chances of winning!

The main chain of levels gets new levels all the time. The quicker you beat them, the sooner you can join the Tournament and become one of the best players. If you lose your internet connection while playing levels, you will still get golden cups, but you will need to reconnect to the internet to get to the leaderboard.

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