Gardenscapes How To Play?

Gardenscapes is one of the most played casual games nowadays. If you’ve never played this game before or want to learn more about it, read on!

Gardenscapes is a casual game that’s available on both Android and iOS. In this game, you use your mouse to click on the plants and flowers to get them to grow. You can customize the garden by adding more plants and flowers and then watering them to make them grow.

The game has 6 different modes that you can play. Story Mode: this is where your goal is to help the girl to redesign her garden by planting, watering, and removing the items. Endless Mode: here you can just play the game without a goal or a time limit. Survival Mode: This is a special mode that you can play in Gardenscapes where the plants are more resistant and you have to get them to grow. Timed Mode: in this mode, the game has a time limit. You can plant, water, and remove items, but you have to do it fast! Swap Mode: here, you can swap the items between the player and the girl in the game. You can swap the items between the player and the girl in the game.

Try to use the perfect time to plant the items. This helps the plants to grow faster. Plant the items when they are slightly touching the soil. If you plant them too far down, they might die. When you are in the Survival Mode, try to let the flowers die instead of watering them. If you water them, they will grow back, but the flowers won’t. Collect coins, stars, and hearts while playing Gardenscapes. You can use the coins to get new items for your garden or you can use the stars to unlock new modes for the game. Hearts let you turn the watering on or off for the flowers.

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