Is There An End To Gardenscapes?

In past updates, the Gardenscapes developers have introduced a new storyline and added more gameplay systems. But do these new elements come at a cost? Is there an end to Gardenscapes?

Usually, when a game starts becoming less popular and less updated, we start worrying about its future. And Gardenscapes is no exception. If you’re also feeling that something’s amiss, let us explain why most players are leaving Gardenscapes in droves.

Gardenscapes does not have an ending, even though we have finished all of the levels that are now accessible (and redone the whole region), we will not be able to continue the tale of Austin until Playrix provides new levels. An end to Gardenscapes is not an extreme statement. But it’s true that the game isn’t what it used to be. The new update was disappointing for many players, who felt that the update was poorly executed.

Basically, it’s a mix of being old and being niche. The game is getting old and the developers aren’t regularly releasing new updates. At the same time, the game might be getting niche, which is attracting certain demographics.

For those of you who want to continue playing Gardenscapes, we suggest simply waiting for the developers to realize their mistake. And once they do, we suggest weeding out the bugs from the game and improving the graphics. If you’re tired of the game, we suggest you uninstall it and wait for the developers to come up with something better.

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