Where Are Gardenscapes Mini Games?

Do Gardenscapes have mini-games? Where to find them? How do beat them? You will find all these answers in this article.

Gardenscapes is a hidden gem for those who love the idea of designing their own garden. The game tasks you with creating a garden based on six different themes. There are a total of 48 Gardenscapes mini-games, so you will have plenty of time to complete them all.

After completing the Adventure mode of each theme, you will unlock each of the 10 unlocked categories. Each category contains five mini-games that you can play at any time. The only requirement to play a Gardenscapes mini-game is to have a garden token in your inventory. Once you have a token in your inventory, you can access any unlocked Gardenscapes mini-game from home.

What are the different types of Gardenscapes mini-games?

Gardenscapes includes three different types of mini-games. The first is outdoor decorations, often referred to as OLDCOR. These games include arranging flowers, watering plants, and decorating the outdoor space with statues, furniture, and other items.

The second type of Gardenscapes mini-games is interior decorations, commonly referred to as INDCOR. These games include decorating the garden’s interior such as the dining area, living room, or bedroom. The final type of Gardenscapes mini-games is gardening-based mini-games. These games include planting seeds, caring for plants, and harvesting produce.

How to unlock Gardenscapes mini-games?

If you have completed the Adventure mode of Gardenscapes, there are a few ways to unlock the remaining mini-games. The first is by meeting certain criteria in Adventure mode. The second is by using the garden tokens earned from completing quests, daily bonuses, and selling items from the garden shop. The last way to unlock Gardenscapes mini-games is by completing challenges.

These challenges are unlocked after completing the Adventure mode for each theme and earn you more challenges to complete in the future. Completing all challenges on one theme earns you a Garden Chest key item that can be used from the garden shop to unlock the theme’s challenges or any unlocked category. Note that challenges reset at midnight each day, so it’s a good idea to complete challenges early in the day and then unlock mini-games later in the day.


Gardenscapes is an underrated game that has a ton of potential. Its mini-games are fun, unique, and well-made, but some haven’t been updated in years. Fortunately, there are a few ways to access the other 40 Gardenscapes mini-games that haven’t been unlocked yet. With that in mind, if you love designing and caring for your own gardens, Gardenscapes is a great game to check out.

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